Buy Cigarettes Online with Credit Card

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_message color=”warning” message_box_color=”warning” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-exclamation-triangle”]Credit Card payment for tobacco products simply prohibited for United State Citizen. Your option is limited to purchase from You can use Bitcoin instead of above method of Payment.[/vc_message][vc_column_text]

Credit Card Payment for USD

Essentially the purchase of tobacco products online by credit card payment method is illegal in the United States. This is due to some credit card issuers, such as VISA and Master Card have signed the PACT, where they prohibit the use of their credit cards to purchase tobacco products and its derivatives, with the following E-Cigs.

The basis of their decisions are nothing more than money. The Government of the United States compels all parties involved in the business of tobacco to pay excise tax tobacco. And, the U.S. Government lost millions of dollars from the sale of tobacco products online.

High Risk Business
Tobacco products, is a high-risk business. Especially us as a merchant, and sell our products and services to the United States and around the world. Tobacco products are subject to a mandatory tax and customs inspections.

As our merchant risk experiencing a chargeback if the product you ordered is apparently stuck in customs, or even seized. And generally, we are very sorry, pleading for customers from the United States very often perform chargebacks without communicating with us. We lose money, these products have been delivered.

Please read about the Terms of Service that we provide for you to learn.

We only accept Cash
Special for customers from the United States, we ask with profuse apologies. We only accept cash for now. Is enough for us to lose thousands of dollars in our PayPal account due to chargebacks, fraud, and pitfalls that finally make our paypal account permanently limited

Is the easiest solution for this?
Yes, of course we have the solution for you loyal customers of the United States.

You can buy a Bitcoin using your credit card. Please visit websites such as Coinbase, or the like. You can get the bitcoin with ease.

Don’t let the Government keep track of your transactions!
Buy bitcoin from Coinbase using a credit card, very open chances the Government track your transactions. Whereas, should the use of the bitcoin aimed at anonymous. And, the service provider purchases using a credit card not bitcoin will allow you to buy tobacco products with it. Sucks doesn’t it?

Clean Your Bitcoin before transacting with us
Move the bitcoin you have bought into the wallet of your personal bitcoin. You achieved download bitcoin wallet on your mobile phone. Please download Mycellium Bitcoin Wallet for Android and iOS. You can save Your bitcoin there safely. Is no longer placed on the service provider. And now, Your bitcoin can already used to buying whatever you want. Including our products. Because, now you have complete control of Your Bitcoin, against your money, and no more interference from the Government and the law.


Our apologizes for the inconvenience to our customers from the United States. We are always looking for the best solution for you. While this is only the options that we have, and you have to deal with it. Your Government has been restricting your freedom in matters financial. And we don’t even trust PayPal who have detained thousands of dollar funds we are in their hands.


Credit Card Payment for EUR

Payment using credit card from EURO easier, and simpler than the USD. To facilitate the payment of EURO, we use TransferWise. Cheaper, faster, and more secure.

You only need to create your account at TransferWise, then you can make a payment to us using a credit card, debit card, SOFORT Banking, SEPA, and many other options. It looks like the United States ought to be jealous with this facility.

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Credit Card processing may takes 2 to 4 Business day to clear, and need some verify your identitiy. If you don’t mind about this, so you can continue with Credit Card processor. Credit Card fees may applied depend from your Credit Card issuer.

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  1. Login or Register to TransferWise
  2. Click “Send Money” on the right top of your PageDo the payment. You will be taken to a page, the 5 steps make payments using transferwise.
  3. Enter a nominal payment in accordance with Your invoice in the column “You Send“. And select the source currency EUR for you.
    Then, select the IDR on the field “Recipient will get exactly“. Your currency will be converted automatically by TransferWise to IDR (Indonesia Rupiah). Click CONTINUE after you double check everyting. We will not process your order if we receive less than ammount of Invoice.
  4. Who are you sending money to?
    This detail of our steps and Banking, will be sent to your Email
  5. Confirm your account details
    Scan or upload your passport’s photo page, driver’s license or national ID card confirming your details (This step is only required one time)
  6. Review the transfer
    Double Check everything before you do payment.
  7. Pay in your money to TransferWise
    Debit/credit card, SEPA bank transfer, SOFORT,
    iDeal, Trustly instant bank transfer
  8. TransferWise transfers your money
    We will notified by TransferWise about your payment, and we will process your order after funds cleared into our Account. May take 3 business days to complete, but sometimes faster (less than 24 hours)