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Earn money from CigaretKretek.com

Before we discuss more about how to earn money from CigaretKretek.com, let us discuss in advance about a big business, the business of tobacco and its derivatives.

Before, I just want to make sure you are over 18 years old (18+). If not please leave this page before your mother kick your ass.

Then, I just want to make sure if you are a smoker, if you are not a smoker this page seem less suitable for you. But if you still insist, what can I do?

Okay, let’s continue with the talks “Big Business” behind the tobacco industry and tobacco. In Indonesia itself is a paradise for smokers. More than 148 Million People in Indonesia are smokers. Therefore, it is no wonder, if I can buy cigarettes at the same place I buy underwear.

Smokers will do anything to fulfill their nicotine needs. Again, and again, everyday… till they quit

Then, the popularity of Indonesia cigarettes, as a specialist maker of clove cigarettes. That are well known all over the world. Due to popularity and it incredible taste, clove cigarettes pose a threat to the tobacco industry in many countries. Currently, many countries prohibit the circulation of cigarettes. With a variety of stupid reason, to include kretek as artificially flavored cigarettes. And, fans of kretek itself will do anything to get their favorite kretek. Thus, there is an imbalance between demand and supply. And that’s where I fill the gap. When demand and supply imbalance, there is a business opportunity.

The average smoker will spend about 200-300 USD per month to meet their nicotine needs.(for assumption, price of a pack cigars $10 average, and 1 pack every day)  We hereby invite you to participate and introduce our products to your network.

in some countries such as the US, EU, and other countries that restrict the distribution of cigarettes. Price per pack of cigarettes the average is $ 9 USD. The most expensive cigs we sold per carton ($ 31 USD) plus fastest shipping $ 35 USD, still cheaper than average price.

We invite you to introduce our products and services to your network, friends and family.

What are the advantages of buying products from CigaretKretek.com?
Why should buying cigarettes in CigaretKretek.com?

  • Cheaper. You can save your money for more important purposes.
  • Original! Our Indonesian people do not recognize counterfeit cigarettes. Our resources are plenty.  And we have a good taste for tobacco. The original cigarettes are cheap, why do we have to buy counterfeit cigarettes?
  • Fast Delivery. With our express service, customers can receive our products under 10 days.
  • Rapid response, the handling of the product under 48 hours.
  • Real-time progress. You can get live updates along with a photo directly to your Whatsapp, from the process of packing, shipping, delivery to detail numbers.
  • Money back guarantee 60 days since you received the goods.

What I get by being a partner CigaretKretek.com?

  • You earn 5% of every purchase in CigaretKretek.com through your affiliate link.
  • The amount of money you collect, you can withdraw every Monday. With a minimum amount $ 20 USD. Directly into your PayPal.
  • You can exchange your earnings into our products, which is of equal value (shipping cost will be charged to you, or you can get free shipping if your earning can cover the shipping cost, Yay… free cigs!!).

Sample simulation
– You are a smoker, and assumed you had 10 smokers friends (I bet more than it, unless you had no life haha)
– You recommend them to buy from us with your affiliation links url.
– Let’s just say, only 3 people who are interested in buying
Brad bought a $ 35 USD
Jason bought a $ 55 USD
Jack bought a $ 28 USD
Fee of Brad    : 5% x $ 35 = $ 1.75
Fee of Jason  : 5% x $ 55 = $ 2.75
Fee of Jack    : 5% x $ 28 = $ 1.4
——————- TOTAL   = $ 6 USD

This is only an assumption only. In our statistic, our customers spend $ 48 per transaction average. To save on shipping cost. I bet, you had more than 10 smokers friends.

Do not miss this opportunity. And this opportunity is open to anyone. And you do not have to buy anything from me. Register yourself here, fill in all the forms, and your affiliate link will appear.

Use it to your affiliate link to promote a variety of media, facebook, twitter. Then every purchase through the affiliate, will automatically be added to your account.

If you want to know more about me and my business, please read about us.