Camel Black Cigarettes

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Camel Black Cigarettes

Camel Black himself is a product imported from Malaysia JTI. Therefore, the price we offer is higher than the other. Yes, the Camel has not had a production plant in Indonesia.
Enter the kretek market share in Indonesia is a challenge for the industry‘s heavy smoking non kretek. Therefore, 90% of the people of indonesia are kretek connoisseur.
The market share of regular cigarettes, a very small, yet still had to share with competitors that have long existed. You name it, Marlboro and Lucky Strike.
The taste of cigarettes is arguably more bold than Marlboro Red with harshness elements are more pronounced. Tend to be strong, but smooth. Clearly visible is the use of cocoa on cigarettes tasted, with the intensity of tobacco which in my opinion is more pronounced. You could say elements of Turkish tobacco are felt by the typical

American Blend aroma in general. The pull is very hard compared to Marlboro Red, but with a slightly different feel than Marlboro Red. Taste typical American Blend cigarettes is very pronounced and very ngehit in the throat. It felt quite bitter in my opinion, but with a sense that I think can be tolerated. Burnt cigarette typical white fast enough, and hot enough when approaching tipping paper. Aftertastenya very pronounced flavor with elements of a typical tobacco. However I complained a little chemical taste on these cigarettes. To think I give a value of 8.1 out of 10.


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