Djarum 76 Unfiltered Kretek

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The classic choice for Kretek lover. Heritages of classic kretek cigarettes from Djarum. Djarum 76 Unfiltered is a perfect choice for real kretek smokers. Pure and raw mix between clove and finest tobacco, make some unexplained experience.

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Djarum 76 Unfiltered

3 reviews for Djarum 76 Unfiltered Kretek

  1. Ryleigh Ivey

    These are really wonderful kreteks! These I feel are a great example of an unfiltered kretek. They exemplify the sauce aspect, but don’t skimp on the tobacco and clove. They taste sorta Christmasy to me. I get notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. 10/10

  2. nedorfeed

    Incredible. Small hint of cinnamon, strong, sweet, little spicy clove flavour, very smooth, makes my tongue and throat really numb. I will definetly buy more in the future, this is the best tasting kretek I have tried so far.

  3. AxMx

    The perfect Kretek! Classic for good reason.

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