How does it works?

Manual Collection of ParclesUncollected ParcelsSeizureReturned to Sender (RTS)
Some postal area or states, require to collect inbound international parcels at your local Post office. They required your sign and might pay some small ammount inbound handling fees.
Make sure you input correct and active phone number, to get immediate notification from your postal service about your parcels collection.
Parcels may expired if you don’t collect them for 30 days. And automatically returned to Sender. We do not offer any replacements or refunds for this kind of mistakes. All returned parcels belongs to and you dont have ant right to claim it. Every returned parcles always had stamp “return reason” from your local postal office.
Seizure of parcels will be happened if recipient do not comply Customs request to pay Excise duty for tobacco and or any GST. Being good part, and good negoisator is the key on this situation. 

Rejected by Customs

Rejected reason : refuse pay Excise Duty and GST (Recipient failure)

Partialy undelivered, rejected by recipient

Rejected for Damaged Parcels