Welcome to the 21st century. Yes, you are in the “future” of economic. Who needs banks, if we can transfer money Person to Person, without none ask “What purpose?” and taking fees between?

We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin Crypto Currency for major countries. Instant payment within minutes, easy, and secure. No middlemen involved. Almost zero fees.


  • No Restriction for Tobacco/Cigarettes
  • No middle men, avoid high fees
  • Less trail to track by Goverment and Tax
  • Fast and Secure
  • Anonimity
  • Fast Processing (Same day)
  • You can buy, almost anything with Bitcoin


  • Complicated for beginers
  • Banned in some country/states to get bitcoin
  • Cannot be purchased with Credit Card (some sountry/states)

Bitcoin provides the best anonymity as a payment method. They don’t require your identity, name, address, or your pet name. Once you involve bitcoin as an alternative currency, you will be fall in love. You can trade your bitcoin, to purchase almost anything, from pizza to rockets.

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer still held the most reliable, secure and quite safe for tobacco transaction. Since they don’t need middleman to process the payment. Just Your Bank and Our Bank.

This method commonly used bu EU, & UK customers. Which by default, their bank account can Wire Transfer internationally using SWIFT and IBAN from their Internet Banking account dashboard. For US & Canada citizen, maybe you need to visit your bank and make manual transfer instead of online banking.

Local Currrency we accepted

  • USD to USD
  • EUR to EUR
  • GBP to GBP
  • AUD to UDN
  • NZD to NZD
  • EUR to IDR (SWIFT)
  • GBP to IDR (SWIFT)
  • Other non SEPA to IDR (SWIFT)


This remittance is the last option and perhaps the worst of all the options. We strongly do not recommend this payment method because you and we are exposed clearly, and we give it to third parties.

Then, this remittance basically does not allow the transaction of tobacco and/or its derivative products. Our accounts have been frozen many times because they found transactions for tobacco.

And some cases occur, the sender of funds or buyers get unpleasant treatment from the remittance service provider. Most of them are withholding payments, and it is very difficult to get the money back, it takes days and takes time.

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