Reliable, fair fees, tobacco/cigarettes friendly, and they never terminate their customers account.

Pros :

  1. Credit Card & Debit Card (VISA, Master Card, Maestro, etc)
  2. Direct Debit, ACH Bank Transfer, SOFORT, SEPA, iDeal, Trusty Banking
  3. Zero fees up to first 500 GBP by register using our partnership link
  4. Cheap fees after 500 GBP
  5. Major currecny support (EURO, GBP, USD, CAD, etc)
  6. Best Currency Conversion rate, and rate lock guarantee
  7. Zero additional fees for this kind of payment
  8. Fairly fast, under 48 your funds available on our Bank Account (EU, GB, and rest of the world, exclude US & CA)

Cons :

  1. Slow process, can takes 1 to 4 working days to clear into our bank account.
  2. Complicated for most ordinary users, you need more minutes to understand how they works.
  3. No Credit Card payment supported for USD and some other currency
  • TransferWise EU | How to Transfer from EUR to IDR
  • TransferWise GB | How to Transfer from GBP to IDR


We accept Bitcoin Crypto Currecy for major country. Instant payment within minutes, easy, and secure. No middle men involved. Almost zero fees.

Bitcoin provide the best anonimity as payment method. They dont require your identity, name, address, or your pet name. Once you involve bitcoin as alternative currency, you will be fall in love. You can trade your bitcoin, to purchase almost anything, from pizza to missle.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Cash
Now, you can buy Bitcoin using Credit Card, Debit Card, or Cash in Minutes from CoinMama.

Pros :

  1. No Restriction for Tobacco/Cigarettes
  2. No middle men, avoid high fees
  3. Instant, in minutes your order will be processed
  4. Less trail to track by Goverment and Tax
  5. You can buy, almost anything with Bitcoin

Cons :

  1. Complicated environment for ordinary user
  2. Too hightech
  3. Fluctuate bitcoin price
  4. Not easy to get

Skrill iT

Skrill iT with Indosat Dompetku

Another alternative payment for US and other country that not supported by TranferWise Credit Card. Skrill, or former Moneybookers. Is a money transfer service like PayPal.

Document verification
Skrill iT works like PayPal. They need document verification before you can use it. Skrill verification takes longer than PayPal.

We use Skrill iT, instead of regular Skrill Account. Which has differences between products. Skrill iT focus as money remmitance which will accept major payment like Credit Card/Debit Card or simply ACH Bank Transfer.

Skrill iT partnering with Indosat Ooredoo. One biggest Cellular Network operator in Indonesia, which had Mobile Wallet system. So, your funds will directly credited into our Mobile Wallet within minutes. Offcourse, it only happened if your Skrill account already verified, and your cards are accepted.

  • Instant payment within hours
  • Major Credit Card accepted

But, we must inform that Skrill iT is NOT the best payment choice. There was severals cons on Skrill iT service.

  1. High fees (1% plus some hidden fees)
  2. Website sometimes broken
  3. Worst exchange rates to IDR, we must add few bucks extra as fees to cover converison loss
  4. Verification takes forever
  5. Customer service unhelpfull
  6. Sometimes their transfer lags. Can takes weeks into our Mobile Wallet
  7. Card Declined, no reason why, they just decline your cards. Period
  8. They love froze and steal customers funds

Western Union Remmitance

Western Union are a leader in global payment services. From small businesses and global corporations, to families near and far away, to NGOs in the most remote communities on Earth, Western Union helps people and businesses move money – to help grow economies and realize a better world. In 2015, we moved over $150 billion dollars for our consumer and business clients. We continue to innovate, developing new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail channels, with an array of convenient pay-out options to meet business and consumer needs.
Pay with Cash!
If you have no option above, or you only had “hard cash” to pay your Cigarettes!
Pros :
  1. Reliable
  2. Instant, whitin minutes your payment will cleared
  3. Tobacco friendly
  4. They accept Credit Card, if you pay online
  5. Pay with cash, at Western Union Kiosk/branch office/agency areound your area
  6. No trace,

Cons :

  1. Highest fees (5 to 15 USD per transfer)
  2. Another worst currency conversion
  3. They takes fees from you, and they also takes fees as “conversion fees” from merchant
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