Terms and Condition

Please read this Terms and condition carefullly!

  • Age Verification

You must be of legal age under the laws of your country in order to purchase tobacco products from this website. Some country requires that purchasers of Tobacco will be at least 18 years of age. By selecting any of the products on this site, you are legally confirming that you are of legal age under the laws of your country in order to purchase tobacco products.

CigaretKretek reserves the right to cancel any sales transaction based on its sole discretion where it reasonably believes the purchaser is purchasing products on behalf of a minor.

CigaretKretek reserves the right to ask proof of Legal ID or Driving License, your bill of utility, and other documents to verify our customers Age for Verification purpose.

CigaretKretek.com does not sell Tobacco products to minors, bans youth targeting and supports youth smoking prevention.

  • Know Your Customers Act

CigaretKretek has the right to request details of prospective buyers and verify before making a sale. And CigaretKretek.com is very concern about the article Know Your Customers, to avoid Frauds, Money Laundring, credit card Misuse, and to minimize losses and the threat of a Scam for both parties.

  • Legal Notice

Products sold on this website is a legal product that can be distributed. The whole excise and sales tax (VAT) of 10% has been paid in full to the tobacco excise tax agency of the Republic of Indonesia. And there is no prohibition to sell it to outside of of the Republic of Indonesia as long for reasonable amount, personal use only, gift, and or collectible items.

All products we show legal in the Republic of Indonesia. LEgality regulation may vary for every country or states. Please see the references to Kretek in your respective country or state. Referral of the Institute of Health of your country. Or regulations applicable in your country regarding tobacco products or derivatives. We are not responsible for any consequences caused if you use our products.

  • Payment Method
The entire payment method that is in the CigaretKretek, is completely right for our party, to modify, add, or delete a payment method.

CigaretKretek.com only accept cash for every order. We do not support any act of CreditCard fraudelent activity, money laundring, and or any kind of identity theft.

using credit card or PayPal, and or other payment method that uses credit card funds. You will be prompted to upload some of the supporting documents, such as ID Card, Passport, or Utility Bill that has your name. To ensure the security of Your transactions to avoid Fraud and Unauthorized payment using a credit card.
We reserve the right to perform Address Verification for each our buyer, matching supporting documents and re-check with your Shipping Address. We reserve the right to refuse orders, if we felt uncomfortable with it.
We reserve the right to refuse to reply your email, and any ther mail order, if we found any discrepancy in address verification process.
  • Anti Money Laundring Act

CigaretKretek may verify souce of funds used to purchase from CigaretKretek.com. We against any act involving money laundring activity, or any kind of identity theft for fraudelent activity. Legal source of funds is a must.

  • Tax and Customs Duties

All purchasers of CigaretKretek.com shall obey the regulations of the country in which you reside. Possibility to pay tobacco excise on every product you buy from CigaretKretek without any exception. As a buyer, you agree to pay all taxes arising to the customs of the country you live.

All claims related to the seizure of your goods at customs, or subject to a high duty and tax customs, can not be in the claimed and charged to the CigaretKretek.
  • Products Guarantee

All Products sold on CigaretKretek.com are genuine products that are purchased directly from authorized distributor and manufactured/produced in Indonesia. Please note: prices displayed in this website are subject to change without notice.

  • Trademark and Intellectual Property

All products we sell have the right brands and intellectual rights are owned directly by each manufacturer. CigaretKretek.com acting as distributor and retailers, do not make any changes to the brand, content, or information that is included in each packaging.

Patents or use of trademarks and intellectual property are fully controlled by the trademark holder that is protected by the Law of the Republic of Indonesia.

  • Information

All products sold on CigaretKretek.com are sold for personal use only, collectible items, and or gift, NOT FOR RESALE. A customer who purchases tobacco products from foreign companies becomes the importer. It is the importers responsibility to assure that the products comply with import regulations.

CigaretKretek.com suggests that you consult with your local tax office, and or do research for your customs border restricted products and prohibited products. As the buyer/addressee you are fully liable for the importation of the products purchased on this site. Products sold by the seller are under customs bond. When the buyer purchases the products he/she officially instructs the seller to ship the products on his behalf to the destination provided by the buyer. CigaretKretek.com does not support, imply or suggest in any way the non-payment of taxes or individual sales taxes.

  • Privacy Policy
We do not share any onformation about our customers detail data with other. Your data was stored in separate database in separated encripted machine with secured 1024 SSL key.
You have
an obligation to keep secret details about payments, Bank details, and or related to our financial identity. You do not have rights to open our identity in any form, and with a specific purpose or wherever, even if requested by law enforcement authorities in your country.

And we have an obligation to protect the entire details about yourself, and Your entire document, or include with your financial details of any third party.

  • Refunds

Include Shipping and Return Policy

ID : Dengan demikian kami nyatakan Anda sebagai pembeli telah memahami dan menerima Terms and Agreement yang telah kami berikan. Jika terjadi sesuatu hal yang tidak diinginkan, dan atau terjadi kerugian finansial, dikarenakan kesalahan Anda sendiri, yang mengakibatkan perkara hukum, bea cukai, dan pajak kami sebagai penjual menyatakan tidak memiliki hubungan apapun, dan Anda tidak dapat menuntut kami dalam bentuk apapun.

EN : Thus we declare you as the buyer have to understand and accept the Terms and Agreement which we have provided. If there is something undesirable, and or financial losses, due to your own mistakes, which resulted in legal proceedings, customs, and tax us as the seller states do not have any relationship, and you can not sue us in any form.