Instructions and Simple Tutorial sending with Transferwise


Using TransferWise for the first time is pretty complicated for most users. We provide easy step instruction how to make Transfer using TransferWise for most popular currency EUR, GBP, and USD to IDR.

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[su_heading]Quick Instruction or Tutorial using TransferWise for the first time[/su_heading]

  1. Pick your Origin currency, and set IDR as destination currency*important


  2. Pick “Someone else” for input our Banking details. Or, pick “Existing recipents” if you already input our bank detail before.
    Pick "Someone else" to register our banking details


  3. Input our Banking details that already sent into your email inbox together withh invoice.
  4. Additional step for sending from USD, you must input your SSN
  5. Review details of your transfer
  6. Pay in your money to TransferWise

You can do payment to TransferWise right now with payment options available. Payent from EUR or GBP will done relatively fast, near instant. You can use your Credit Card 3D secured to pay. Major credit card are accepted

Tips : Payment from USD not supporting Credit Card. You can use ACH Debit, or Domestic Wires. To avoid additional fees, we recommend you to use ACH Debit. Available major to any US Bank

transferwise usd with ACH Debit

How to Debit money through Bank Debit (ACH)

7. TransferWise transfers your money

Transferwise will notify about the process to both parties. Funds mostly will be clear into our bank account after you as sender complete all the verification ID process and successfull Payment.

Estimation funds to clear is under 24 Hours after you success do payment. And we will process your order immediately.


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