• Aroma Bold Clove Cigarettes

Aroma Bold Kretek Clove Cigarettes

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Aroma Bold Clove Cigarettes
12 Cigarettes per Packet
20 Mg TAR
1.3 Mg Nicotine

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Aroma Bold, one of the products from PT. ATI, Kudus, Indonesia. Available only in 12 clove cigarette variants, with filters. The time is quite good, seeing the price offered is very affordable.

With a great character. The body is quite thick. Will satisfy you with just a few cigarettes. Of course it will save your expenses.

The price is quite affordable. With prices starting at $ 2, Aroma Bold is included in the cheap cigarette category in our catalog.

This cigarette is recommended for those of you who want cigarettes with good taste quality and low prices. This Bold Aroma is the right choice.

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Weight 50 g


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