Gudang Garam Klobot

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rokok gudang garam klobot

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Product Description

This is EPIC!

None words can say, this kretek cigarettes is EPIC! Reputated as original, classic, vintage, and genuine recipes of Kretek cigarettes. This Gudang Garam Klobot is made from original recipes from hundres years history of Kretek.

Handmade products. Crafted by local cigarettes factory. Distributed by Gudang Garam as their masterpiece of arts.

packaging itself looks so traditional. No fancy box or something. Just wrapped in thin paper. No print of TAR or Nicotine on it. And no picture of warning like other manufactured cigarettes.

Open the packs. You will shocked! The cigarettes wrapped in Corn Husks. Yep, no paper cigarettes. They use corn husks instead of paper. Original kretek cigarettes since 16th century.

Sweet flavor is the main key of Kretek Cigarettes. Warmth of cloves, and spices will make every inhale smooth. Harshness. yep. Since it none knows how many tar and nicotine inside. And produced by traditional way. Harshness still coming every breath.

6 cigarettes every pack. Hand made by expert. Spices, cloves, and Srinthil tobacco. Just the best we give from Land of Java.

Must try cigarettes for Kretek Passionate.

3 reviews for Gudang Garam Klobot

  1. Antares

    I finally tried these, after being curious to try them for a while. They really are a very enjoyable and fragrant smoke. The predominant element is the sweetness, they smell a lot like honey and maple, and taste quite sweet, but it is a natural, enjoyable sweetness that does not overpower the warm, earthy spice flavours. The tobacco is full bodied and rich, a bit nutty. These also have a strong citrus note, mainly like orange, that pairs really well with the sweetness.

    The corn husks taste really clean, better than paper in my opinion, and offer a distinctive astringent flavour. Not much fruitiness outside the citrus, except a subtle taste that reminded me of apricots. There is also a hint of vanilla and some peppery bite. Overall a very rich, flavourful blend, that manages to remain harmonic and balanced.

    These are a bit heavy, so they must be enjoyed slowly, at least for 15 minutes. Despite being quite intense, the taste ends up being also quite refreshing, and the aftertaste is a clean and enjoyable sweetness. Also quite interesting to note, because of the shape, as the klobot burns, the smoke changes slightly. At first the intensity is stronger, and they have more of that robust spicy bite, but as it progresses the smoke becomes mellower and smoother, allowing the subtler tastes to appear.

    Overall definitely worth a try for any kretek enthusiast. It is great to have a site that offers these products, so thanks to cigaretkretek for making these available!

  2. AxMx

    An absolutely delicious and delightful smoke! Thanks a million CigaretKretek!

  3. Pedro

    Do you ship to Brazil ?

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