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$ 10,83

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Popular Vitola: Double Robusto

Ring Gauge:48

Cigar Length: 160 mm / 6.2 inchesBody: Medium

Its original name come from the last King of Majapahit Kingdom, Brawijaya V. A Kingdom located in Java in 1400-ish.  It consists of three cigars made by Indonesian. The taste kick in the mouth, more thick than Airlangga one. This is for cigar smokers who have good hobbies, it feels strong. Just like the character of the king of Brawijaya, very strong character of this kind of premium cigars. The tastes are heavy, great. It looks, smells, tastes really good.

Mangli Djaya Raya is an Indonesian tobacco company established in 1960. Located in Jember, East Java, MDR is committed in preserving the tobacco heritage introduced during the Dutch colonial era, is a company which operates in exporting of Besuki Na-Oogst and Besuki Voor-Oogst. The company is located in Jember, East java, in April 11th, 1960. In the effort of developing its business within 59 years. PT.MDR as a small company has the opportunities to become one of the supplier of Besuki NOTA (early crop), Besuki Voor-Oogst sun cured and flue cured for various manufactues of cigar, cigarette, pipe, roll your own and chewing tobacco and some tobacco dealers.

Jember City is a city located in the province of East Java. Jember is an area known as the horseshoe area and Jember is also known as 1,000 hills because it has at least 1,666 hills spread throughout the Jember Regency.

Jember Regency is famous as a producer of one of the best tobacco in the world. Through this potential of tobacco plants, Jember Regency has long been famous and legendary as a “tobacco city” as one of the biggest tobacco producing and producing regions with quality products. Not only in the national market, even the city of Jember has long been known in several European countries such as Bremen. German.

The main production of Jember’s mainstay plantation is tobacco commodity. Cigar fans, aka aficionado, know that cigars made in Cuba, America, Switzerland and Germany are expensive and classy. Jember Regency through Besuki tobacco is one of the cigar suppliers. Besuki tobacco is used mainly for cigar pads (deklabad) other than as a binder (filler) and filler (filler) quality cigar aroma.


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