Cerutu Belanda

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Cerutu Belanda | Holland Cigars | Dutch Cigars

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Cerutu Belanda | Holland Cigars | Dutch Cigars | Cheap Cigars

Cerutu Belanda, Cigar Netherlands, or Holland Cigars. It looks like it is somewhat strange to hear. Where this is purely the handicraft artisans cigars in Indonesia.
Using the name of the Dutch, or Dutch, or Holland, or whatever it was as frills, maybe just a marketing strategy creators, so that seemed westernized.
But in terms of history. Indonesia is closely linked with the Netherlands. Dutch colonized 350 years is enough to make us understand exactly what Dutch people liked.

TAR : 49mg

Nicotine : 1.9mg


Although included in the category of cigars, but in the wrapper says “Sigaret Kretek Tangan”. Which directly explain that these cigars containing cloves in it, like normal Clove Cigarettes. Although I myself was not too feel it. Whether true or not. If it does not, then we can say is pure cigar. If not, can we katagorikan as Cigarillos.
It feels quite smooth, not hard. With a fairly thick body. Make me look cute, because the smoke from the body stuck in my hair. I post on Twitter @CigaretKretekCo

Form :
Great, for our daily cigarette smoking, the standard size. The aroma is gentle enough before turning. Typical cigar. With both ends of the base open.

Unique, vintage. Very suitable for collection after you have finished suck. And certainly, 100% Indonesia. You will not get in other countries.
Each cigar is wrapped with plastic wrapping, with the opening ribbon. Impressif enough, but less fancy if you ask me.

Good taste for a cheap cigar. And of course, worth to try anyway. I gave a score of 7/10. If the packaging is enhanced, might be more suitable, to emphasize the luxury of a cigar. When you looking for cheap cigars which worth to try, this is the best value cheap cigars you have. Happy smoking!


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