Sulawesi Toraja Marinding

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Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

Grade AA famous Sulawesi Toraja Arabica Coffee

We also sell Green Bean by request

  • Region : Sulawesi, Toraja (Tana Toraja) Marinding
  • Altitude : 1700 meter
  • Varietas : Arabica
  • Processing Method : Washed
  • Nett Weight : 200 gr
  • Fresh Roasted Minimum Order 1 Kg
  • Roasting Process and handling 3 x 24 Hours to dispatch

Roasted by Kopikologi Roasters, Magelang – Indonesia
Roasting Machine : Froco Roaster

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$ 17,65$ 22,07

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Product Description

Sulawesi Toraja Marinding Coffee

Fully original Toraja Arabica coffee 100% derived from coffee plantations located in the highland of the tana toraja Regency, South sulawesi

The hallmark of toraja coffee is having a rich and unique aroma, balanced acidity level (quite a bit stronger than the Sumatran coffee), have characterized the multidimensional, as well as the color of old Brown. coffee is suitable for medium dark roast to dark italian. due to the production process, this coffee can dry out in irregular. Nevertheless, the beans of which the shape is vary this can enrich the taste. the benefits of coffee in sulawesi unlike many other islands in Indonesia,

Sulawesi coffee character tastes clean, they generally distinctive character of spices or nuts, like cinnamon or cardamom mountains (a type of ginger). The character of black pepper is also sometimes found.
Their sweet taste, as is the case with most coffeecoffee Indonesia, closely related to the thickness of the coffee. After his taste would envelop the palate at the end of drinking coffee, smooth and soft. Most coffees of Sulawesi in budidayakan by small plantations, with about 5% comes from seven companies greater Sulawesi farmers use a unique process called “wet process
Tana Toraja, In addition to the famous natural attractions and culture that is truly stunning, Tana Toraja is also known with the aroma of the coffee, which captivated the taste. Will be incomplete if a visit to the city this Month Lepongan Tondok without taste or buy the original Toraja Arabica coffee. Due to the aroma and the taste is delicious, indeed very inappropriate when this type of Arabica coffee is dubbed as the Queen of Coffee“.
Toraja coffee also known as fresh herbs. Moreover, if a glass of Toraja coffee added a mint, wow the taste is definitely more different. Starting from the hands of the farmers, to spread across the world, Toraja coffee always leave traces the scent of pride for this country.
But the story behind her black Toraja coffee, there is one problem which is detrimental to Indonesia. Toraja coffee has become a trademark in Japan by Key Coffee and United States trading company. Indonesia could not directly sell Toraja coffee to Japan and the US, except by Key Coffee or US Trading Company. If direct export, Indonesia could be accused of violating party brands that have been registered there. But who the fuck with that, offering Genuine Toraja Coffee for fairly price.
When the coffee in Japan was the original Toraja coffee origin. In Japan, this type of coffee including luxury items. 40 percent of coffee consumed in Japan comes from the Toraja. The evidence at the time of the exhibition of Eco-Product which was attended by Prince and Princess Akishino in 2008 yesterday, Toraja coffee stand is very convenient at visitors. The queue of visitors who look forward to try and repeat the treatment in a coffee-tasting native Indonesia. In addition to the well known in Japan, Toraja coffee is also very convenient at the Government’s Korea.

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