Aceh Gayo Sarawaloh

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Aceh Gayo Sarawaloh Arabica

#1 Grade Arabica coffee from Aceh Gayo Highland.

We also sell Green Bean by request

  • Region : Aceh Gayo Sarawaloh
  • Altitude : 1500 meter
  • Varietas : Arabica
  • Processing Method : Washed
  • Nett Weight : 200 gr
  • Fresh Roasted Minimum Order 1 Kg
  • Roasting Process and handling 3 x 24 Hours to dispatch

Roasted by Kopikologi Roasters, Magelang – Indonesia
Roasting Machine : Froco Roaster

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$ 17,65$ 22,07

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Product Description

Who is not familiar with Aceh Gayo Coffee which has already celebrated its delight? The coffee comes from the area of the land of Central Aceh Gayo became one of the most abundant types of coffee consumed in the community or exported to a foreign country. Gayo coffee has unique characteristics with the idiosyncrasies of different scents with other coffee in Indonesia. Gayo coffee produce most kinds of the best Arabica coffee. Gayo coffee flavour itself feels more bitter with a low acidity level. A very sharp aroma make this type of coffee preferred. No wonder coffee is becoming Asia’s largest coffee producers. Although it tastes bitter, savory aromas give Gayo coffee in every SIP.
aceh gayo coffee plantation
Aceh Gayo Coffee Plantation

Currently in Aceh, there are two types of cultivated coffee is coffee Arabica and Robusta Coffee type Two very famous Gayo i.e. Gayo coffee (Arabica) coffee and Ulee Kareeng (Robusta). For the coffee Arabica types commonly cultivated in the region of the Highlands Gayo Lands“, Southeast Aceh and Gayo Lues Regency, whereas in Pidie (predominantly Tangse and Geumpang) and West Aceh more developed by the dominant community here in the form of coffee Robusta type. Arabica coffee is rather large and dark green, oval leaves, tall trees reached seven meters. But in the coffee plantations, the height of the tree is guarded so that the range of 2-3 meters. Purpose is to make it easy on the harvest. Arabica coffee trees start producing its first fruit in three years. Often branches growing from the trunk with a length of about 15 cm. above the Foliage colours are younger because the rays of the sun while pinned to the darker. Each trunk hold 10-15 small flower arrangement will be the fruit of the coffee.

It is this process of then comes coffee fruit called cherry, oval, two side by side. Gayo coffee is one of the leading commodities originating from the Gayo Highlands. Coffee plantations that have been developed since 1908 it thrives in Bener Meriah and Central Aceh. Both areas are at an altitude of 1200 m from sea level has the largest coffee plantation in Indonesia, namely with an area of approx. 81,000 ha. Each 42,000 ha Bener Meriah Regency was at rest and 39,000 ha in Central Aceh Regency. Gayo is the name of the original Tribes who inhabit the area. The majority society Gayo profession as coffee farmers.

Coffee Arabica varieties predominate developed by Gayo Coffee farmers. Production of Arabica coffee produced from the land of Gayo is the largest in Gayo Coffee Asia is one of the Archipelago‘s typical coffee origin of Aceh who pretty much favored by many quarters in the world. Gayo coffee have an aroma and flavor that is very distinctive. Most of the existing copies, the bitterness still left on our tongues, but not so in Gayo coffee. The bitter taste is hardly felt in this coffee. Gayo coffee flavour of the original found on the aroma of fragrant coffee and savory flavor was hardly bitter. In fact there also argued that flavored coffee flavour exceeded Gayo coffee Blue Mountain that comes from Jamaica. Gayo coffee produced from the plantation in Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh.
In the area of organic coffee is grown in a way without chemicals so that coffee is also known as coffee green (environmentally friendly). Coffee Gayo organic coffee is touted as the best in the world.

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