Bitcoin Cigarettes

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Do you know, each using a credit card to pay for something on the Internet clearly left its mark. The Government can ask the tax more than you, and you will be charged more for something you don’t have to pay. Bitcoin, is Wise!


If you still can’t figure out what the heck a bitcoin is, this simple explanation for a five-year-old may help you …
apple-bitcoin-630x634We’re sitting on a park bench. It’s a great day. I have one apple with me, I give it to you.

You now have one apple and I have zero. That was simple, right?

Let’s look closely at what happened:

My apple was physically put into your hand. You know it happened. I was there, you were there – you touched it.

We didn’t need a third person there to help us make the transfer. We didn’t need to pull in Uncle Tommy (who’s a famous judge) to sit with us on the bench and confirm that the apple went from me to you.

The apple’s yours! I can’t give you another apple because I don’t have any left. I can’t control it anymore. The apple left my possession completely. You have full control over that apple now. You can give it to your friend if you want, and then that friend can give it to his friend, and so on.

So that’s what an in-person exchange looks like. I guess it’s really the same, whether I’m giving you a banana, a book, a quarter, or a dollar bill …

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Now, in Bitcoin World, we asume that physical Apple being a “Digital Apple”[/vc_column_text][vc_message]

You buy Digital Apples from someone with your money. Trade your digital apples with our cigarettes. And now your digital apples belongs to me, and our cigarttes belongs to you. And we sell our digital apples to someone else that need it for money. Great, simply as that!


How-to-invest-in-BitcoinTo facilitate the purchase of our website, we provide a method of transactions using Bitcoin. We realize, that a transaction using bitcoin is not so popular among online shoppers. There are still many who do not know, how to transact using Bitcoin.

As a general overview, bitcoin is crypto currency (digital apples). That can be purchased with cash at bitcoin exchanger in almost all countries. Transact using bitcoin will be very easy as you transfer between accounts. And the process is very fast, and instant.

The advantages of bitcoin itself for the transaction are:

  1. Does not require detailed data you to open an account bitcoin, almost anonymous.
  2. There is no limit transactions for a particular item. You can buy almost everything using bitcoin, ranging from pizza to firearms (if you can find where to buy it haha)
  3. Confirm the transaction quickly, just pay a little fee to the bitcoin network.
  4. No broker, not as PayPal. Which suck our blood by cutting fee per transaction, and we still like to close your account without any apparent reason for their own benefit.

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Debit-cardsTime is Changing. Bitcoin getting more and more trusted and secure. Get your first bitcoin easily. And buy it with Credit Card or any payment mehod available.

Instant bitcoin deposites from CoinBase with Credit Card. Some verification and personal data required to buy bitcoin with Credit Card. If you really care about your privacy, just buy Bitcoin from personal exchanger, by cash, or Internet Banking.

Precautions is a must. Buy bitcoin from trusted local traders. Use to find local Bitcoin traders in your area. Better to get it by face-to face meet and purchase by cash. No trace, secure, and easy.

[su_note]Tips : Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card not a “wise” options. – Higher rate, almost twice Bitcoin market price – Bad credit. Most Credit Card issuer not allow to purchase Bitcoin – They need your ID and SSN to process your Bitcoin[/su_note][/vc_cta][vc_raw_html]JTNDZGl2JTIwY2xhc3MlM0QlMjJidGN3ZGd0LWNoYXJ0JTIyJTNFJTNDJTJGZGl2JTNF[/vc_raw_html][vc_message color=”warning” message_box_color=”warning” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-exclamation-triangle”]

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards leaves clear trails. Goverment and Tax Man still can see it. We will explain “How to wash and rinse” your bitcoin before you can use it.

[/vc_message][vc_column_text] long enough to use bitcoin to transact, before airs, we have sold hundreds of cartons of cigarettes through darknet (onion). And we do not feel there is a problem with Bitcoin, except for fluctuations in the exchange rate are uncertain.

First time use Bitcoins

Here some advice, if you are first time involving yourself to Bitcoin and, decide to give a try

  1. Recognize exchanger, do not miscast exchanger. Use exchangers are reliable in your area. (Coinbase, Coinsimple, CoinMama, Local Bitcoin), or use your trusted local bitcoin exhanger to convert your fiat money to Bitcoins.
  2. Ensure that bitcoin is available and legal in the country you live.
  3. Use your local Bitcoin exchanger for fast deposits with your currency. 

How to start transactions with bitcoin?

  1. Open an account (wallet) bitcoin. Don’t have one? Click here to get BTC Wallet
  2. Top up some money on your exchanger to be converted into Bitcoin using available methods. (Cash [Face to face meet with dealer], Bank Transfer, ATM, Debit Card, Credit Card, etc)
  3. Wait a moment, then your deposit money at your exchanger be converted into Bitcoin (BTC) and deposited into your wallet in minutes.. And bitcoin you are ready to use.

How to buy from with bitcoin?
It’s easy, as you checkout cart as usual. Select a payment method with bitcoin. You will brought to Bitcoin payment gateway. Complete your payment with Bitcoin that you already deposited. And, complete your payment.

Damn, I gave up! Can I use PayPal instead?

How to Wash and Rinse your Bitcoins

The purpose of using Bitcoin is privacy. Protect your money from the spies, The G, and certainly the Tax Man.

We do not recommend
to avoid taxes, but we showed how to how you use your money, without much asked for what, to whom, when, and how. And avoid third-party fees such as “Uncle Tommy did during this time.

If you get a Bitcoin of personal exchanger and buy it in cash, you do not need to worry. You can use it immediately.

But, if you buy it through official Exchanger. for example, from Coinbase, and use a credit card. Then you have to wash it first.

Why? Because basically Bitcoin you purchase using the credit card, just like funding your PayPal balance. You may not use it for a purchase cigarettes. Because the source of his funds, tied to regulation. Credit Card company wont let you buy cigarettes online. Otherwise, Coinbase may lock your account and risked lose your bitcoin.

How to wash?

Simple enough, you can just move the bitcoin last you buy using a credit card, to your personal bitcoin wallet. For example, to the wallet bitcoin on your mobile phone. Please download bitcoin wallet applications, sort of MyCellium on your mobile phone

After it was moved from bitcoin Wallet Coinbase, now it’s already getting bitcoin full control in Your mobile wallet. You can use it for whatever you like. But make sure, you spend Your bitcoin on CigaretKretek.


Buy bitcoin with Cash from Local Trader giving you advantages in Privacy. No ID required, No SSN asked, no name and address to verify. Just buy apple on your local store, with cash.