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Frequently Asked Question

What Im doing here?

You looking for cigarettes? Here the right place

What is Clove Cigarettes? Or Kretek

As its name. Clove cigarettes is a tobacco-clove mix. In indonesia we call it Kretek. You can watch History of Kretek, its an enjoyable video to watch.

Is it Legal to Buy Clove Cigarettes?

Yes and No. Depend your Country and States. Law and regulation about Clove Cigarettes and or Flavored Cigarettes are vary. It is your responsibility to follow those rules and laws in your country of residence and/or country from which you access this site and service.

Are clove cigarettes harm to our body?

Yes. I’m not health expert. But, smoke anything, include Kreteks can do negative side of your body, and health. Be wise!

Do you sell any other cigarettes or brands?

CigaretKretek.com only sell “Made in Indonesia” cigarettes and clove cigarettes. Some brands like Camels and Mevius are imported cigarettes from Malaysia.

Your pricing seems too good to be true?

Cigarettes price in Indonesia is quite affordable. Since we are the biggest Tobacco industry in the world, and 12 Million people depend from this Industry.
We are professionals in retails. And we simply cut the chain of supply.
If you want pay our cigarettes with higher price to make more sense to you, we will glad to do that.

It must be low quality cigarettes!?

Indonesian Cigarettes, specialy Clove Cigarettes. Is the Highest quality cigarettes in the world. And, clove cigarettes only made in Indonesia. No other country has license to manufacture it in any way. So, if you found “kretek” cigarettes without Indonesia duty stamps, and warning pictures, you just smoke counterfeits one.
WARNING : If you ever smoke our kretek, regular cigarettes will be taste like garbage.

Where do you shipping from?

Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, few kilometers from Borobudur Temple

How can I trust you?

Build customer trust from the Internet is indeed not easy. You give your trust to us, and we should be able to give you 100% that we have.

What payment method do you accept?

Actually, we only accept cash payments. Like debit ACH, Direct wire transfer and Bitcoin.
We disable our Credit Card payment, because we are not accepted by credit card issuer. Tobacco bussiness is catagorized as “High Risk”.

Do you accept PayPal?

No. We apologise for this. We will improve our service day by day. Please select another option of payment available.

You charge handling fees on checkout cart. What is that?

We charge additional handling fees to buy shipping supply. And add little bit of amount to recover our loss in Currency Conversion used by Payment system and their fees.

So, which the best Payment?

Bitcoin and ACH Wire Transfer (Direct Bank Transfer)

Shipping to centain country?

Literally we shipping worldwide, except Indonesia (oh yea, make sense right?). We may refuse and order where came from several country, where we tought we aren’t safe to process or receive the funds from.

How long you process my order?”

48 hours maksimum on business day. Weekend order will be processed next business day.

What shipping method do you use?

Registered Mail PT. Pos Indonesia
Lower shipping rates, reliable, secure, and Trackable. We will ship your parcels with “gift” declaration to reduce delay in Customs and avoid pay extra duties, and plus bubble wrapping extra protection to avoid damage in shipping.

Do we get tracking number?

Yes. 48 Hours maksimum after your order shipped. It will updated to your Order summary.

How long my order will be my hand?

United States : 18 to 35 Days
Europe & UK : 14 to 25 Days
Rest of The World : 6 to 45 days.
Please contact your local post office or selected carrier if your order not received after 45 days.

So, I should have to extra duties for my order?

Mostly NO. But, sometimes happened.
By buying cigarettes online, automatically you understand how customs regulations in your country.My country only allow few cigarettes to be imported!

How to deal with that?

Bear it! Nothing we can do about your country law and regulation.
Otherwise, if you really want our Kretek. And none can avoid tax anyway. Just pay the duties and enjoy your smoke.

How if you send a brick to me?

Shipping a brick is more expensive than a carton of Cigarettes. Make no sense

How if you send empty shoe box to me?

Stealing your money for few dollars, don’t make me rich. Something more valuable than money is a trust, and long relationship. And, we wont risk our hard enarned reputation on net as most trusted cigarettes vendor.

My order aren’t arrive yet! What should I do?

Calm down. Grab coffe, sit back and relax. International shipping may takes longer than usual. Traffic, peak, weather, act of God and so on. It can be sitting at your post office for mostly for weeks.
Just call your Local Postal Service and provide your tracking number. Since your order already touch your border, we can’t do anything. Now, you can take control.

How if my order lost in shipment?

Just send us a valid letter from your Postal Office that declare your shipment lost. We will replace it for Free. Yes, free!

My order Returned to Sender, so?

Very rare situation. There several reason your order returned to sender :
Fail attempt delivery several times
Invalid address
Recipient fail to pick up at local post office (some post office need to be picked up)
Over quantity allowed, and auto rejected by Customs
Please read Terms of Agreements before you placing orders

How if our customs seize my order?

Before they Seize your parcels, they will notify you by Letter or Phone.
You have 2 Options :
Pay the duty, and claim your parcels
or Just ignore it. Negotiating with customs not good idea for Cigarettes mail order

What guarantee you offer?

Since we are professional company and regulated, we offer guarantee to our customers.
Genuine guarantee, we sell only genuine cigarettes (No counterfeits or fakes)
Fresh cigarettes guarantee (Not more than 6 month from date of production)
Delivery guarantee, lost in shipment, major damage, or 90 days you not receive your order, we reship for free.
Privacy protection, we never share your details to others. We guarantee your privacy.

Okay I’m enough

Welcome to Kretek Family, and enjoy your day!