Shipping and Return


  • Due lot processing orders every week we made our shipment keep scheduled and eficient. Delivery schedule 2 times every week. Wednesday and Saturday each week.
  • Delivery we do directly from Magelang, Central Java. We charge shipping based from weight, based price shipping for minimum order applied. Handling fees may applied.
  • We use shipping containers in the form of hard cardboard, and we pack as a gift. We declare as a Gift for you.
  • You will get your tracking number info soon as your order shipped trough your phone by SMS or your email, please input valid email address.
  • Track your order using, wait 24 hours after you receive your tracking info
  • If your goods stuck at customs, for any reason, pay the excise duty required or your parcels will be returned to sender.
  • Delivery can take between 3-45 days. Generally 20 days or less. Be patient, International shipping sometimes takes a long time.
  • If your shipment does not arrive within a period of 90 days after shipped, AND was declared lost in shipment, please contact us, we will replace it for FREE.

Live customer support available only in working hours. GMT +7, our working hours start 08:00 AM until 10:00 PM
Please leave me message on Live chat and we will back to you as soon as possible.


You have 3 days NO ASKED QUESTION 100% money back guarantee after you receive your order, within conditions:

  1. Unopened, not broken seal, no damage, wet, or any damage caused by human error, and weather.
  2. Buyers pay returning shipping cost.

We will process your Refund or Reshipment after we receive your returned items.
Refunds process takes 2-5 days after we receive returned products. We only do refunds using Bitcoin and Skrill iT as source of our refunds.

We offering full refunds for your each order within condition :

  1. Total Lost in Shipment*
  2. Seized by customs for order less or equal to 1 carton (10 Packs)**
  3. Stolen products

To complete your Refund request, buyers must fullfil some requested documents.

  1. Lost In shipment notification letter from your local post office, with wet stamps. And, we will also notified by our local post if your order lost in shipment.
  2. Letter of Seizure Notification from Customs. Scan in High Quality.
  3. Photo of evidence your parcels is damaged, or stolen products inside, and letter of complaints to your local post office. You should get compensation for this situation, since all shipment are insured.

Refunds do not apply under these conditions:

  1. The product packaging has been opened, or protective seal, cellophane, and or anys seals, include duty stamps, has been deformed or damaged.
  2. You “simply” do not like our products, and have tried it. We consider all purchasers have to know the characteristics of clove cigarettes in general, and specific taste in particular.
  3. Your products seized by the local customs for order over 1 carton (10 Packs)
  4. Rejected by customs, and returned to sender. You must know your customs regulation before you place orders
  5. You refuse pay excise duty, tax, or any cost occurred by your order and decide return your order to us.
  6. You did not respond, or fail to respond to collect your item at Post Office or Customs Office, nor refuse to accept your item, and item returned back to sender.
  7. Financial loss caused by the products we sell, directly or indirectly. Buyer is considered to have understood the risks of smoking, the impact, addiction, and all the risks caused by smoking.
  8. Force Major by Mother of Nature act

We offering reshipment of your products within conditions :

  1. Major damaged products, stolen products. send pictures as proof and you fill complaints to your local post office to get compensation for damaged shipment. Then we can reship your orders. Photo, and copy letter of complaints required.
  2. Rejected by customs. If product returned to sender, we will notify you after we receive returned products. You eligible to pay re-shipment for this condition.
  3. Parcels total lost in shipment. You must provide proof of “Lost in Shipment” from your local post office. And we will be notified also by our local Post Office. So we can claim your purchase, and reship your order for free.

If you have any problem, and ask for Refund or Reshipment. Please contact CigaretKretek ASAP and provide all required information. We do not process any complaints without communication. We may ask for any proof from your claims if needed.

You must understand and obey your local law about cigarettes, tobacco, and its products variations. Over limit or quantity orders have risk to be rejected by your customs, or forced to pay Excise duty, seized, or charged for crime.

Tobacco and Cigarettes, and its variation products is restricted and regulated products, controlled under law and regulation. Please pay attention.

Shipping and Return
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Shipping and Return
Please read our Shipping and Return carefully.
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