Although we do not restrict the amount of minimum and maximum, we hope you be prudent in determining the amount of the purchase, considering shipping cost.

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STEALTH Shipping

Trick the X-Ray. Increase chance to deliver your order with stealth, or discreet shipping up to 90%. We will mix your order with another products or goods which are legal to enter your customs border as decoy. And we will declare it as legal such things.

  • Free gift packaging
  • Random decoy
  • Heavier than regular shipment (up to 3 Kg)
  • Suitable for large order up to 6 Cartons (60 packs)
  • 1 to 1 replacement Guarantee

Regular Shipping

We will pack your order with minimum stealth, and lightweight without ignore your products protection. We will pack it as gift, with gift packaging, but no mixed stealth goods inside as decoy. Works good for low ammount of purchase. But, we do not cover any guarantee of replacement if your order are seized or forced to pay duties and GST.

Delivery estimation :

US & Canada 12 to 35 days

EU & UK : 11 to 30 days

Rest of the world : 1 to 45 days

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