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Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes

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Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes

16 Kretek Filter per Pack, 10 Packs per Carton

These cigarettes are made with a mix of world-class tobacco. Blend perfectly with the best cloves in Indonesia. Presents a tremendous sensation. Clove aroma is very strong. Wrapping paper is black, made of tobacco leaves.


Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes

Who’s not know Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes? Almost all smokers know about this cigarettes. very popular. Almost one might say, become the icon of Clove Cigarettes (Kretek). Just remember a few years ago, when my mate went to the United States. And he found some Djarum Black Cigars was sold there. And he decided to buy some packets. Then suddenly he calls me and tells me how bad is it. So, I offer him to ship so Djarum Black to his rented apartment.

ref : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djarum_Black

These cigarettes are made with a mix of world-class tobacco. Blend perfectly with the best cloves in Indonesia. Presents a tremendous sensation. Clove aroma is very strong. Wrapping paper is black, made of tobacco leaves.

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I can not express in words. Nothing is better than this. When you first lit it and start to smoke it. There will be a sweet spicy sensation on your tongue.
Smoke slowly if you are not familiar with clove cigarettes. Rattling sound of burning cloves increase the sensation of smoking Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes.


Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes Black box, with logo BLACK very distinctive. It is interesting to look at. Epic, it would be a good phrase to reflect this Djarum Black. If you decide to go to the party or attend some important meeting with clients, Djarum Black will be the best friends for you. It’s like The Maserati of Cigarettes. When everyone sees Marlboro Red is a “Normal” things and Lucky Strike are common. You bring yourself to whole new level!


Affordable price, as low as $3 per Packet. Good deal for genuine Clove Cigarettes. Please see bulk pricing above to get less price. We guarantee the genuine, and freshness. Not more than 6 month old since production date. Good cigs, good price, prompt shipping, stealth available! What do you want more?


Prices are reasonable. If you living in a country when Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes are hard to find, or the price is ridiculously stupid. You can buy these clove cigarettes Online for 10 packs. You just spent $ 31/Carton. With a $12 postage. It’s a fair price for a good pack of cigarettes!

djarum black kretek clove cigarettes
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16 Cigarettes per Pack


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21 reviews for Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes

  1. didjital

    Best seller

  2. robert.lim

    this guy is rock! ordering via whatsapp few weeks ago. receive in my hand and everything as described. this is not the 20 cigs version. the original one… love u guys!

  3. ninjasmoke

    Damn… I receive my order just last day. 12 days to US!? Really? I will give you 5 stars if your postal service can deliver in 4 days haha! Overal, this shit is real! Holy fuck, this cigs taste so great!

  4. Gabriel

    Thanks guys, may ordering again next time! And again, thanks for the free pies. Hahaha… you did it!
    Quick review :
    Dealing with this guy, you never regret. You ask 10, he give you 15. Would be recomend on my circle

  5. MatthiasbiP

    I see your website have some unique & clove cigarettes listings. Writing manually is time consuming, but there is solution for this.

  6. Ryleigh Ivey

    These are famous and popular for a reason. These exemplify the flavor of the cloves without skimping on the tobacco and sauce. If you want to make a first order of kreteks to try, these MUST be in it. 10/10 will buy again at some point

  7. Ashok


  8. Crystal

    Love it

  9. Ritika

    I also want to order plz tell how can I get it. It’s really very very amazing

  10. nedorfeed

    Legendary. I definetly recommend it.

  11. Dhiraj

    Best seller

  12. Sahil Shaikh

    How to by Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes Please Contact To Me

  13. Luke James

    Is this legal to import to the UK? and can you deliver to the UK?

    • Yudha Pratama

      Better consider UK Import regulation for Prohibited/Restricted items. Some country, limit the qty (personal use only), some other just pay duty tax, some other country totally ban importing cigs from abroad.
      Honestly, UK not at the best rate of arrivals, under 60% chance to arrived.

  14. jutasig

    This is a great cigarette, also, fast shipment, thank you CigaretKretek.

  15. Scott Berger

    Haven’t had one of those cigarettes since my early 20s..

  16. Nicole Schmitz

    I was so disappointed when the US banned the clove cigarettes. When I found this site, they made it so easy to wire payment and shipping was fast! I am very happy! Thank you CigaretKretek! I will definately recommend you!

  17. Dhruvin

    You can delivery in Poland ???

  18. Kristeen Gaznes

    Complimenti bravo continua cosi!!ottimo lavoro Grazie!!

  19. Susan Stutson

    I didn’t think you could ship clove cigarettes to the US anymore. Last shipment I tried wasn’t delivered, postal service told me they were ‘undeliverable’ and I lost my money! Do you really ship to the US? I haven’t ordered cloves since 2012 and would Love to get some, only cigars available here 🙁

    • Yudha Pratama

      Yes, correct Susan. Some states not allow delivery cigarettes by mail. So, our services maybe, not for all US States. Some works fine, but some other not. But we can’t tell here because “internet” watching us

  20. Vicki ACQUAH


    • Yudha Pratama

      The original one we have is still Kretek Cigarettes with cloves ofc

  21. Mike

    Are these different than the cigar labeled one in stores here in America

    • Yudha Pratama

      its labeled different here in Indonesia. its catagorized as standart full flavored Kretek Cigarettes

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