Camel Activate Purple Mint

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One the best from Camel. The most perfect menthol cigarettes. Camel Activate Purple Mint, double the mint sensation on one pack in a perfect price

$ 6,74

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Product Description

Long short review about Camel Activate Purple Mint. This is was, one the best Camel menthol cigarettes product ever. Even if it was not the first, but it offer unique experience in every drag.

FYI, all camel cigarettes that sold in Indonesia, was imported from JTI Tobacco SHD, Malaysia. Pretty pity actually. Since Camel has no factory inside Indonesia.
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Camel Activate Purple MintPackaging

Camel did not too concern about its packaging quality. Low quality cellophane and very thin cartons. Even nobody smoke the packaging, but we do care if compared to their pricey base price.

Design itself was pretty impressive. I love how they do in graphic. It was so modern and sophiscated. But again, quality from the cardboard itself very bad. You can rip it off with one finger.

Not hard to open this pack. Excise duty stamp were too easy to open. Just remember when Sams Tobacco Review, try open Dji Sam Soe Super Premium packaging. It was way too easy to open on this Camel Activate Purple Mint cigarettes.

Whats inside?

We can found 20 menthol cigarettes inside. Pretty good smell. Just better than Mevius. White cigarettes sticks with circle camel logo. No writing, just blue camel logo circle. Menthol aroma is very strong. I can feel it when I put cigarette in on my lips. Very strong, even I did not light them.


Lets light em. Wow…!! That menthol… very strong. There a harshness when I inhale it too fast. Just smoke 1/3 of it, and lets “pop” the purple ball beneath circle logo.

Menthol flavor mostly twice stronger than before. And blueberry fruity flavor very pleasant. It make huge difference, end flavor is pretty good. good luck Camel, finally you made decent cigarettes hahaha. (Im sorry, no feeling :P)

Conclusion :

Since it was Imported cigarettes, end price will be pretty high. But, it worth to buy. At least you get different kinds of flavor in one pack. But, if compared to its competitor, let say Marlboro Ice Blast (even different characteristic), Camels still lack in pricing. Since Marlboro already have Factory at Karawang, West Java, ID. So they can cut extra excise duty.

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7 reviews for Camel Activate Purple Mint

  1. seanfah

    These are really strong, similar to Marlboro Ice Blast. The flavour when you click the capsule is very sweet.

  2. FlyguysBoyfriend

    My boyfriend picked a carton of these up for me in Jamaica, and I absolutely love them. Being a Marlboro smoker, usually just menthol, these were a nice change

  3. Austin


  4. Shauna Landis

    I want to try

  5. Sherri Bukas

    My daughter brought some back from Cancun and I love them! Would like to be able to purchase locally!

  6. Sebastian holloway

    I smoke Newport, but I gotta say ,,this cigarette here is a number 1 for me. Too bad I cant get them all the time !!

  7. Tyler H.

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