Djarum Super WAVE

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NEW Djarum Super WAVE
12 Cigs/Pack
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djarum super wave clove cigarettes

$ 5,29

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Product Description

Djarum Super WAVE is the newest product from Djarum Kudus Indonesia to complete the Djarum Super line up. After the success of Djarum Super, Djarum Super MLD (Black / White).

The legendary aroma and taste of Djarum Super is well represented here. Fragrant, sweet, and a little spicy. It’s just that, the levels are less than the regular Djarum Super.

Djarum Super WAVE
Djarum Super WAVE

Power Boost Filter
I don’t know what else is meant by a Power Boost Filter, maybe it’s just a marketing language to differentiate the lineup. From my perspective it might be, it doesn’t seem very useful to have a wavy filter. It also doesn’t increase my power when smoking this. Or maybe it’s like the Turbo Charger? I don’t know … sometimes the language of marketing is weird.

Smaller than the regular Djarum Super
If you like Mild cigarettes or the lighter version. Maybe this Djarum Super Wave is for you. BUT, if you are used to the severity of the hitting and the steady aroma of the regular Super Djarum. This is not a good choice. But overall, OK!

Taste and Aroma
For details, please read on our blog. If we list everything here. Please read the Djarum Super Wave review here.

VALUE for the non mantiene erezione frullati di proteine Price!
Yes! This is absolutely true. Djarum Super Wave is very economical. What you need to know, in Indonesia, if a company issues a new brand, the duty burden is still small. BUT, if in the near future the sales are good, it is possible that excise taxes will be subject to a very large amount equivalent to existing brands.

Meet market demand
The whole world is dying because of Covid-19. Everyone is thrifty. This is the right time for you, to try this Djarum Super WAVE. Its affordable price allows you to save more money for other things.


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