Djarum 76 Unfiltered Kretek

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The classic choice for Kretek lover. Heritages of classic kretek cigarettes from Djarum. Djarum 76 Unfiltered is a perfect choice for real kretek smokers. Pure and raw mix between clove and finest tobacco, make some unexplained experience.

4 reviews for Djarum 76 Unfiltered Kretek

  1. Ryleigh Ivey

    These are really wonderful kreteks! These I feel are a great example of an unfiltered kretek. They exemplify the sauce aspect, but don’t skimp on the tobacco and clove. They taste sorta Christmasy to me. I get notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. 10/10

  2. nedorfeed

    Incredible. Small hint of cinnamon, strong, sweet, little spicy clove flavour, very smooth, makes my tongue and throat really numb. I will definetly buy more in the future, this is the best tasting kretek I have tried so far.

  3. AxMx

    The perfect Kretek! Classic for good reason.


    paid for it but received nothing.Total scam. Avoid. They sent me a tracking number for EMS returned to sender that never left Indonesia and then they ignored all my emails. They stole $200 USD in BTC from me and sent me nothing, or it was returned to them by outgoing Customs and they didn’t resend and are ignoring multiple emails from me. Scammer and Thief!

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