Marlboro Menthol Ice Burst

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Brand : Marlboro
Variant : Marlboro Menthol
Sub Variant : Marlboro Ice Burst
TAR : 8 mg
Nicotine : 0.6 mg


Marlboro Methol Ice Burst

$ 7,39

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Product Description

Marlboro Menthol Ice Burst

Marlboro Menthol Ice Brust packaging uses a dark blue, green, and white base. The front of the package has a rooftop which is a combination of dark blue and dark green, with a gradation effect in the middle. On the inside of the rooftop, there is a thin white circle-shaped line, which symbolizes that this product is the Marlboro Fresh line equipped with capsules (or commonly known as Marlboro Blast). In early production, on the right side of the package is the words NEW with the effect of exploding ice. This NEW promotion lies in the cellophane packaging, not the printed part on the packaging carton. This Marlboro rooftop has a curve in the middle, with sharp edges on the left and right. It has Marlboro writing in three-quarters of the rooftop, with Marlboro writing in light blue, and has a very bold emboss effect. The bottom part has the Iceball TM logo with a light green indentation and a dark blue ball, which is complemented by an emboss effect on the ball. It says “ice burst” on the side of the Iceball logo, with the eurostile type font in gray. Under the words “ice burst”, there is a dark green line. Below it is written SELECTED PREMIUM TOBACCOS in eurostile type font and there are few visible spaces.

Marlboro Menthol Ice BurstThe back is almost the same as the front packaging, it’s just that the green position is on the left. While the blue color is on the front. The elements on the back are similar to the front, only a difference from what I said at the beginning of this paragraph. The right side has a gradient element from dark blue to dark green, with the words SPM and the prohibition on selling using the Arial Bold font and using gray. It says 20 MENTHOL CIGARETTES in gray Eurostile font.

The left side of the package has the words FLIP-TOP BOX in Arial font, AMERICAN BLEND in Arial Condensed font, and there is the Marlboro writing logo which is a gradient from blue to green with a subtle emboss effect, and ice burst writing in eurostile type font. Written underneath is “contains menthol in capsules” which indicates that the cigarette capsule also contains menthol, even though the flavor base of this cigarette capsule is a combination of mint and menthol. The tar and nicotine levels from these cigarettes are the same as the Marlboro Ice Blast. So you could say this cigarette is a substitute for the Marlboro Ice Blast.

The top of the package has the writing Marlboro, which is a combination of blue and green, against the background of the package in dark blue. The bottom part has similarities with the Red Marlboro, which is only the writing of Marlboro which is equipped with an emboss and the variant name, namely ice burst, and the production code on a white background. At the beginning of the sale, there is a thick black stripe which indicates that there is a printed part of the cellophane part of this cigarette packaging. You could say this cigarette has a very cool and luxurious packaging, and has a context that suits it today. For this cigarette packaging I give a value of 10 out of 10.

Menthol Ball Capsules

It is clear that on the inner frame of the cigarette’s packaging, there is a kind of ice ball which symbolizes a capsule that is about to explode, with the presence of flakes of ice surrounding the ball. The inner frame model has similarities with the Marlboro production above 2017, which tends to be upward and there are promotions in it. The inscription says “BURST THE ICEBALL TM” with the Iceball logo, which is a combination of a basin with a dark blue ball at the bottom. There is a package insert like the early production Marlboro for the new packaging as shown below

King Size

Marlboro Menthol Ice Burst has a King Size size rod, with the diameter of the rod tends to be thick and the length of the rod is about 85mm. The boundary for the tipping paper of this cigarette is the Marlboro rooftop logo in silver, with the words ice burst using the eurostile type font, and a dark blue line. You could say, when compared to Marlboro Ice Blast, it tends not to change in terms of tipping paper limitations. Above the line, there is Marlboro writing in light gray, with the Iceball logo at the top of the writing Marlboro. The laser perforation used by this cigarette is in one row, with the same stripe laser perforation model as the Marlboro Ice Blast.

Marlboro Menthol Ice Burst Taste Characteristic

When before it was burned, this cigarette seemed to offer a menthol sensation that was quite strong and there was a tobacco sensation that was quite pronounced accompanied by a typical Marlboro flavor that was quite felt. However, when it is burned, this cigarette seems to offer a very pronounced menthol intensity, accompanied by a slight, distinctive sweet sensation with the slight touch of cocoa. The menthol sensation offered by this cigarette when it hasn’t been clicked is counted at medium intensity, which means that the menthol content is above Marlboro Menthol Lights, but very much below the Marlboro Black Menthol.

In the sense that if it hasn’t been clicked on, this cigarette offers excellent menthol intensity but is not as strong as Marlboro Black Menthol. The Marlboro signature blend sensation is very pronounced when it hasn’t been clicked, in the sense that I can find a combination of cocoa that tastes along with a hint of liquorice. There is a slight sweet sensation that most likely arises from Virginia Tobacco which has natural sugar content, accompanied by a slight spicy effect which is very masked by the menthol that comes from this cigarette which appears due to the addition of Burley Tobacco. Has a strong nutty character, because this cigarette uses Oriental tobacco from Turkey which is known to have a very strong nutty character.

The blend offered by this cigarette is fairly balanced and lacks an earthy sensation, in the sense that this cigarette has a fairly balanced tobacco content and I hardly find a ground sensation in this cigarette. When issued through the nose, these cigarettes tend to offer a fairly rich tobacco scent sensation accompanied by a harshness sensation that is felt in the nose. The pull is very smooth, in the sense that this cigarette was created to have a smooth taste.

You can feel the harshness sensation when you haven’t clicked it, but in good intensity and not too much, the throat hit is less pronounced when you click it, in the sense that this cigarette has a slight stabbing sensation in the throat but in a fairly good intensity. Aftertaste tends to be tasted with less strong menthol, a nutty, and cocoa flavor that leaves a good impression on the throat.

To activate the “Ice Burst” feature, or I prefer to call it by activating the Iceball TM capsule, which is the selling point of this cigarette, you just need to position your thumb and forefinger to the part that is already on this cigarette filter in the form of a dark blue circle.


Conclusion of Marlboro Menthol Ice Burst

With a combination of menthol and mint flavors that tend to be very strong when Iceball is clicked, the sensation of a suction taste tends to be fresh and strong, and a very delicious aftertaste in my opinion. The taste of this cigarette is practically the same as the Marlboro Ice Blast, with no changes in taste and character that I have felt so far. The strong mint character is indeed the selling point of this cigarette, with a sensation similar to eating ice cubes which is the selling point of this cigarette. However, the weakness of this cigarette is that when it approaches the tipping paper limit, this cigarette is said to have a chemical taste sensation that is felt, and also a slight hot sensation when it starts to approach the tipping paper limit.

Another weakness that exists in this cigarette is the sensation of menthol that seems synthetic when you have clicked on the capsule of this cigarette, and also for some people it will feel less suitable for the strength of the menthol offered by this cigarette. And also I feel a little uncomfortable after smoking this, because the menthol sensation offered by this cigarette is quite strong, even though I really enjoy it. For the distribution of cigarettes itself, it is already easy to find, especially in modern markets such as Indomaret or Circle K, it is getting easy to find these cigarettes. And for shops and stalls, these cigarettes are very easy to find nowadays, especially now that I can find them near where I live even though there are no promotional posters. Overall, I rate this cigarette as 8.31 out of 10. This means that this cigarette is superior in its packaging and the taste is very strong and fresh, but for the price of this cigarette is less affordable when compared to competitors, such as Camel Activate Purple Mint or Bohem Cigar Mojito Double.

8 reviews for Marlboro Menthol Ice Burst

  1. Richard

    These are really strong, similar to Marlboro Ice Blast. The flavour when you click the capsule is very sweet.

  2. Simon

    I want to try

  3. Sebastian

    I smoke Newport, but I gotta say ,,this cigarette here is a number 1 for me. Too bad I cant get them all the time !!

  4. Derek

    Ive been trying to find Marlboro Menthol for years now. Thank you for make it available to purchase

  5. Marry

    Truly the best cigarette I’ve tried so far. I have smoked Davidoff Classics, Magnums and also Dunhill International. Good cigarettes but does not beat Indonesian Marlboro Menthol Ice Burst.

  6. Ben

    heard about this on BitcoinTalk, decided to give it a try. And, surprisingly this webstore is amazing. Can you make shipping faster? Would be great to give you 5 stars!

  7. Rommy

    My co-worker Dony took my Marlboro Ice Burst. He says this is the best he ever try so far. Well, I think he should buy from himself later

  8. Tyler H.

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