Wismilak Diplomat

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Wismilak Diplomat

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wismilak diplomat

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Wismilak Diplomat

wismilak diplomatHonestly, before I had underestimated the cigarettes made by PT Gelora Djaya Surabaya. Why not, the brand of cigarettes look less than other brands. I knows only Wismilak Diplomat had been since the first in Indonesia. But my mindset changed after seeing old guy in minimarkets seen from pretty senior age. The man bought a box Wismilak Diplomat black 25th Anniversary Edition. Of the price, this cigarette is a bit more expensive than other cigarettes, probably because of the special edition. Even more expensive than Djarum Super for the same content (12 sticks).

Judging from the price, I think this must be a good cigarette. But it is not all that high-priced cigarette tastes good. Because I was curious, I tried to buy a box of Wismilak Diplomat 25th Anniversary Edition. After a see-saw was cigarette case looks unattractive and ordinary. But behind the words box like this: Celebrating an Enduring Commitment to Perfection. A Wismilak Premium Blend. That so my question, whether the mix and taste of cigarettes is the same between diplomats regular edition and anniversary edition? I do not know.

When a pack of cigarettes Wismilak 25th Anniversary Edition Diplomat opened, I was quite shocked. Because the aroma and fragrance issued almost similar to super Djarum. But Wismilak diplomat has a stronger aroma, fragrance really. Inside the package there is also a kind of advertising events “Sucess Diplomat Challenge” which will be aired on TV One begins 16 November 2014. From the shape of a cigarette, the length and diameter is similar to smoking cigarettes as djarum super. But the shorter length Wismilak filter such as a warehouse belonging to the filter salt.

In terms of taste, character Wismilak Diplomat 25th Anniversary Edition is similar to the Djarum Super. It feels very soft, do not give itching and numb in the throat. But to be honest this time, I think Wismilak more have a more “full” and more palatable. Indeed, for those of you who have recently tried to be a little unpleasant because very stong aroma. But over time we would enjoy it. As information, the cigarettes have nicotine levels of 1.7MG and TAR amounted to 35mg.

Last, I think Wismilak Diplomat 25th Anniversary Edition is a very worthy to be taken into account. Because it has a delicious flavor and aroma. If previously I underestimated Wismilak. But after a try I felt shocked and immediately change the mindset.

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1 review for Wismilak Diplomat

  1. Antares

    I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed these kretek. What impressed me the most is how well blended these are, each note entwines in perfect balance. The fruity notes with pineapple being dominant, a little sweetness along with a very aromatic clove and hints of other spices and herbs, and the rich full bodied tobacco, all come together in a very delicate harmonic way. The flavour in the filter is nice and fruity, it blends very well with the smoke.

    The only way I could like the Wismilak Diplomat more would be by making them stronger. They are very smooth, and I usually enjoy a stronger kick, however, these do not lack flavour by any means, they are full bodied and flavourful, so in a sense it actually helps them become a more versatile choice to smoke on more occasions.

    A worthwhile smoke, very enjoyable.

    • Yudha

      Thank you for your valuable order, Andreas.
      Would be glad if we can do business long term.

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