Djarum Black Mild

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Djarum Black Mild

Mild Kretek Cigarettes

djarum black mild kretek cigarettes

$ 5,09

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Product Description

Djarum Black Mild

If you ever smoke the Djarum Black beforehand. Then Djarum Black Mild is not much different tastes. Only lighter, with a content of tar and nicotine are trimmed only half.

Quick Overview
Unique, maybe one word that can represent this Djarum Black Mild. Unique in the filter. With a triangular hole as identity. Nor do I know what the function of this triangular hole. Either as a decorator, or have a special function. But, in a written label frills Double Filter.

Wow, I said this is perfect. Djarum Black flavor at all is not lost. Same spiciness. In fact, I think more spicy than the Djarum Black original version. Unlike Djarum Mild, away from his brother Djarum Super.
Anyway, 10/10. I like how it feels

Hmmm … if we speak of packaging problems. This is what I was disappointed. MILD his writings looks quite hazy distance. And, the white box? Seriously ?. But this Djarum Black! Why not make black packaging box as well? Or, change the name so Djarum White? Ha ha ha…

More expensive than the Djarum Black Original. But, overall price to value. Forget the box, you buy taste.

9/10. I would give 10/10 if the box so black and cigarette rods as siblings Djarum Black, Black also. Because this is the Djarum Black!

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1 review for Djarum Black Mild

  1. didjital

    I love the flavor. That sound of “kretek” when cloves are burned, its sooooo fantastic.

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