Djarum MLD Black Series

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Another “Black” from Djarum.
16 Cigarettes per Pack, 10 Packets per Carton

Djarum Super MLD Black Series

$ 5,09

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Djarum Super MLD Black Series

Another “Black” from Djarum. Just wondering, why black being so popular these days. Don’t judge me, racist! lol. But literally, it’s black! After success with it predecessor, Djarum Super MLD. Djarum continues to spread the lines with new variants. Djarum Super MLD Black Series.

Long waiting

Actually, this cigs released a month before Marlboro Filter Black. It’s only available at department store, and some big retailers. Regular retailers like us, won’t able to buy in bulk. Damn marketing!

Now, after 3 months, we can get the real deal from Distributor. Then we decide to list it to our store. It’s long waiting. But, I just make sure, supply is sustainable and available to purchase anytime.

Just bigger Djarum MLD

It has same box size, BUT it only has 16 cigarettes per packet. Compared to Regular Djarum Super MLD, it has 20 cigs per packet. And pricing? Almost same with regular Djarum Super MLD! And about the flavor, exactly SAME!

Big deal or not?

Actually, I would say… hmm… no! 16 cigs, just little bit bigger. And longer burn time than regular. Djarum Super MLD Black Series, is just “Black” branding. Nothing black, just the packaging.

So, Which better?

If we compared both. I will pick regular Djarum Super MLD with 20 cigs per packet. And, if pricing is the key factor. I will pick Djarum LA Bold. Which, has perfectly same size of cigs as Djarum Super MLD Black Series, and it has 20 Cigarettes per pack. With same pricing label.


If you like all “Black” style, this is good choice. But, better pick Djarum Black, its real BLACK! If you really want something new, you can try Marlboro Filter Black instead. About the quality, we can’t offer more than best Djarum products. They always have top notch listings of Kretek Clove Cigarettes![/vc_column_text][vc_images_carousel images=”4906,4907,4908″ img_size=”720×420″][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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