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Djarum Cigarillos is made from finest tobacco leaves. Mixed with finest clove from Indonesia. Classic look and perfect for any occasional. 6 Stick of small cigars, or called cigarillo each pack.


1 review for Djarum Cigarillos

  1. Antares

    I certainly think Djarum did a wonderful job creating these kretek cigars. They are a bit smaller than a panetela cigar, and offer enjoyment for about 15 minutes. The tobacco is a very good quality, mild, smooth and aromatic kind, offering vanilla like sweetness with creaminess and cacao like notes. It blends perfectly with the complement of the spicy cloves and a very pleasant herbal, tea like taste that certainly is pronounced. It also has a nice hint similar to a fruit like a mango. About halfway through these become creamier, a bit sweeter and develop a light nice roasted warm flavour. These Djarum Cigarrillos are very balanced and well rounded, with a wonderful distinctive taste.

    Beautifuly crafted cigar that offers a very pleasurable smoking experience. 10 out of 10!

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