Where to Buy Clove Cigarettes

Where to buy clove cigarettes?

This question is often asked by netizens out there. A google search even showed a fantastic result for question keywords “where to buy clove cigarettes”. This shows, the demand for clove cigarettes is still very large.

buy clove cigarettes dji sam soeClove cigarettes, or what we call as clove. A cultural heritage, formed since the 16th century cultural heritage of the archipelago, Indonesia.

The origin of kretek cigarettes can be traced to the late 19th century. The creator of kretek was Haji Jamhari, a native of Kudus in Indonesia’s Central Java region. Suffering from chest pains, Jamhari attempted to reduce the pain by rubbing clove oil on his chest. Jamhari sought a means of achieving a deeper relief and smoked his hand-rolled cigarettes after adding dried clove buds and rubber tree sap. According to the story, his asthma and chest pains vanished immediately. Word of Jamhari’s product spread rapidly among his neighbors, and the product soon became available in pharmacies as rokok cengkeh – clove cigarettes. First marketed as a medicinal product, kreteks became widely popular.

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