COVID-19 Affecting Bussiness

The COVID-19 pandemic is still not over. The situation is getting worse, moreover the economic sector is threatened with collapse. This is a nightmare for everyone, including us.
The first time in our business career, had to close the store until an indefinite time.

Delivery is in chaos.
Since February 2020, when Indonesia declared COVID-19 a pandemic, many sectors experienced systematic collapse. Tourism, transportation, forced closure of certain cities and route diversion. Even local and international flights are abolished. This is an obstacle for our business, and has a huge impact.

Expensive shipping costs and too long to wait.
Since the implementation of large-scale restrictions in Indonesia, international flights have experienced major obstacles. And there are very few cargo planes operating. Only DHL operates, besides being very expensive, DHL always opens the parcels we send.

Resending does not work
As our commitment, because too many parcels have returned after DHL has opened them, we still send them back to you. In fact, we lost a lot because we had to bear the cost of resending.
Unfortunately, this also did not produce maximum results. No matter how we hide your order, DHL always forces to open it. They reasoned “Safety factor”. For some reason, they also did not return the shipping costs that we have paid even though they did not send it to you.

Wait until the situation is normal
I don’t know how long we have to wait for the situation to return to normal. Or NEW NORMAL. Waiting for the International POS network to open again and we can send your parcel back.

For those of you who have already paid for the order but still haven’t gotten it in your hands.
We,, are committed to keep maintaining this business forever. You are our customer, we bet big for our good name in your eyes. We will continue to send it to you, as our responsibility, but we will wait for the situation to return to normal and guarantee successful delivery to your doorstep.

We, all staff, and the management of apologize for the magnitude of this incident. It’s really beyond our power to deal with abnormal situations like this. We consider this a Force Major.

We pray, you and your family are fine there, take care of yourself. Let’s get through this difficult time. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon, and we will go back to work without obstacles.

Yudha Pratama

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  • Josh

    Are you shipping now? I’m in Bangkok.

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