Reshipping Request

Because too many orders were lost and returned to us in the past few months. We as the management of offer reshipping options to you, our dear customers.
As a form of our moral responsibility to you. And maintaining sustainable business confidence.

We also hope that you can understand the current situation in the Covid-19 pandemic. Very bad delivery service by the courier. With the new standard of shipping and service we will reopen.

Please fill out the form below. IF YOU HAVE PAID AND NOT RECEIVED YOUR ORDER IN HANDS. And after June 1 2020. Order before June 1 2020 we consider complete and obsolete.

    This offer is our final offer. All your previous orders that have been sent, but stopped in the shipment, will be fully ours if returned.
    If an order that we have sent, lost or destroyed by customs in the destination country, is a loss borne by

    What about orders before June 1?
    Order before June 1, and you haven’t received it. It has been considered obsolete. Because we also can not make claims to the shipping service in any form.

    Do I get a tracking number for this resending order?
    Yes, you get a tracking number. But back again, we did not promise whether the tracking number we provided could be used. Because as before, we still use DHL from EMS Pos Indonesia where the tracking number they provide cannot be used.

    What if we don’t accept this reshipping order?
    This is actually a problem that we also worry about. After we tried our best to maintain trust, but the situation said otherwise. I hope you understand. It’s not easy to run a business in a pandemic situation like now. Back up above, this is the last offer we can offer and we bear a very large loss.

    All of these problems occur because of a third-party error. Namely the delivery service provider. In the current situation, only DHL operates. Reduction of commercial aircraft to carry parcels to and from destination countries. And they overloaded shipments abroad. On the other hand, the Customs of the destination country undertook extra protocols during the pandemic. Significant inflows occur, and can even cause problems in losing a shipment. Please understand, it’s not just us who ship to your country.

    Thus we offer this offer to you. We hope you will not waste this good opportunity. As CigaretKretek’s management, we apologize for the amount of inconvenience that has occurred. Even though everything that happened was completely out of our control.

    Yudha Pratama

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