August Holiday

Happy Independence day 72th, for Republic Indonesia! Merdeka!

promo merdeka

Happy Independence day for NKRI. We hope, the best for Glory. And contribute more to the world. 260 Million People, 17.500 Island, 1340 Tribes, 1211 Different language, And million other excitement you will found here. We are proud being Indonesian. Smile, kindness, honestly, are part of our culture.

To celebrate our happiness, we offer you limited 10% discount for All products with coupon, and another 10% discount payment with Bitcoin. Awesome deal, right?

And also, we anounce, we are out of business from 17 August to 21 August 2017 due National holiday and Long Weekend Holiday

Customer Service Unavailable : August 17 to August 20
Processing & Shipping Works normally as usual. Don’t worry, no delay in shipping

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