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dji sam soe kretek

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Product Description

Dji Sam Soe 234 Original

Dji Sam Soe 234 Original  for now the market leader in the sector Clove Cigarettes Hand battlefield filled by Bentoel Sejati (Bentoel Group), MinaSpesial (Wismilak Group). Strong position caused by factors Dji Sam Soe SKT 234 as the oldest product in Indonesia (before “Cap ManganUlo” and “Bal Tiga” Cigarettes) as well as marketing and promotional strategy that aggressively. Promotional methods used are mainly through advertisements on TV and put up billboards with pictures of masterpiece Indonesia.

dji sam soe specialIn marketing, distribution group Philip Morris International cigarette Indonesia has the largest distribution network in Indonesia, which penetrates almost every corner of islands. The number of dots stock (warehouse) more aggressively propagated, thus providing a wider market penetration through the supply chain and delivery. Warehouse stock is placed in areas that have many retail outlets, including hawkers, so that each warehouse can serve each geographical area in the shortest time possible.

In 1913, for the first time Philip Morris International came to the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). New product introductions, Dji Sam Soe 234, with print ads read:

Dengan ini kami beritahoekan bahwa Philip Morris International kini hadir di Hindia-Belanda. Kami akan memperkenalkan seboeah merek rokok terbaroe dari Philip Morris International. Dji Sam Soe 234, dengan tembakaoe asli daripada Philip Morris International ditjampoer dengan tjengkeh terpilih jang radjangannja haloes dan saoes khoesoes dari generasi ke generasi soepaja Sedjarah Tjita Rasa Tinggi tetap terdjaga.

Dji Sam Soe (Hanzi: 二 三四) is the Hokkien dialect pronunciation of the language, in Fujian province, China, which means 234 which, when summed into numbers 9. Seeng Tee, believing that myth number 9 that bring good luck and perfection. As a result of all aspects of the product clove cigarettes were encountered 9s like, Dji Sam Soe, SAMPOERNA, the number of stars in the logo 234 and the angles amounted 9. It is this belief that is held firmly by Seeng Tee in creating clove cigarettes products. In fact, belief in figure 9 is not just a myth. PT HM Sampoerna Tbk specify the number of employees to produce in THE HOUSE OF SAMPOERNA (Surabaya) amounting to two hundred and thirty-four (234) people, no more and no less, and the PT Bentoel Internasional Investama Tbk specify the number of employees to distribute Dji Sam Soe Kretek of Factory Dji Sam Soe fourth plant also Bentoel (Karanglo, Malang, East Java), also amounts to two hundred and thirty-four (234) people, no less and no more (up to January 1, 2005).

Dji Sam Soe 234

The original variant from legendary Dji Sam Soe (234)

They dont change the taste more than 100 Years, and the packaging still the same.

Perfect blend between American Tobacco, Turkey Tobacco, and Maduranese Tobacco

5 reviews for Dji Sam Soe 234

  1. Antares

    I thought I would review these since I have finished the pack I ordered. I can see why these are a classic. They have a very distinctive enjoyable taste. First off the smell is sweet and spicy, the cigarette is very tight, so rolling these to loosen them up is a must, that way you get a fuller easier draw. They are robust, and also quite aromatic. They have predominantly a spicy rich taste, with toasted notes that remind of cacao, coffee, cinnamon and other spices, with of course the clove, which is strong and aromatic, all wrapped up in a sweetness that accentuates the richness. Not so much of a fruity taste here, only a faint hint in the background. The tobacco blend is balanced, rich and sharp. Despite being strong, they are quite smooth. I would say they have just the right amount of strength.

    Also I definitely noted a Sampoerna taste profile, since I also had the A Milds, which have a very similar taste in the tobacco blend, and also the spice blend. The difference being the A Milds are of course a much lighter, less complex version (however they do have a full taste and are very good for a casual satisfying smoke) They are also sweeter and have a fresher clove taste, not so rich and earthy.

    Dji Sam Soe 234 are an excellent kretek with character, and a distinctive flavour profile.

  2. seanfah

    I had very high hopes for these but they come off as weak and lacking flavour. This may be due to the packaging which is just paper, no foil or clear plastic inside. I’m guessing they just dried out, even though they were made two months ago.

  3. Will Tell

    Best smoke in the world.Brought a few packs back to the UK but will be booking a flight to Indonesia soon.

  4. Alvaro

    This is the third time that I buy Kretek here and always arrives to me in Spain. It may be just luck but the truth is that customs passes and I can enjoy the splendid taste of this classic. Great flavor, great aroma.

  5. Vryce Larkin

    Havent received my order yet, ordered more than 20 days ago

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