Marlboro Filter Black

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Marlboro Filter Black Kretek
First Marlboro Kreteks cigarettes.
20 Cigs per pack
10 Packs per Carton

Marlboro Filter Black

$ 5,55

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Marlboro Filter Black Kretek

Marlboro Filter Black, mad or frustrated? There are things that are not commonly done by Marlboro. Either they mad, or frustrated. We all know, the sales of marlboro cigarettes as regular in Indonesia is not too boasts. Led by Marlboro Red, who became an icon around the world. In Indonesia owned Marlboro market share of no more than 5%. Compared with sales of cigarettes, they are lagging far behind.

Mad or frustrated?

Even though everyone knows, Phillip Morris Indonesia (PMI) has most of the shares of PT HM Sampoerna tbk. Where has your reputation and sales. Although still lagging behind of Gudang Garam or Djarum in Local retail sales.
But with the shares, they (PMI) still feel dissatisfied with the sales line of Marlboro. Rated stagnant, even tend to weaken. Coupled with the increase in excise tax of 15% in 2017. This will increasingly hit the tobacco industry in Indonesia.

Marlboro Kretek?

This last is what por viagra ejercicios para ganar por viagra que I call, unconventional Marlboro. Usually only has a regular cigarette marlboro at their lines. In fact, some series in indonesia has pulled out of circulation, such as Menthol, Marlboro and Marlboro Light Menthol. Their sales are so bad.
May, by issuing a Marlboro Kretek, Marlboro Filter Black wanted regained market share has been taken by Lucky Strike Mild? Too late. But worth a try.

Marlboro is just for the rich

This is the unique fact that happened in Indonesia. When Marlboro, Lucky Strike, and the Camel into a brand with an “Rrating. Or “Rich”. Where the Indonesian Government imposes different tax rates for regular cigarettes. Almost two-fold higher than locally-made cigarettes.
That is why retail prices to consumers is quite high, compared to regular cigarettes. Therefore, you do not be surprised, if in our store Price Marlboro is higher than others. Because the wholesale purchase price, it is already quite high. And we dare not buy very large amounts, because the products Marlboro sales turnover for quite a while.

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28 Mg


1.9 Mg


Regular Kretek Filter

4 reviews for Marlboro Filter Black

  1. john

    perfect cigarette

  2. nedorfeed

    Just got my package, tried these, really good, but I find the clove a bit overpowering, but it’s a really good kretek still, I recommend it to everyone who is thinking about buying a pack.

  3. Rupakpaul


  4. Yasya Azzahra

    the description says each pack contains 20 cigarettes but when the item arrived it only contains 16 cigarettes/pack

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