Maxus Mild – Kretek Clove Cigarettes

$ 4,13

16 Stick of Mild Kretek Cigarettes per packet
10 Packets each Carton

TAR : 16 mg
Nicotine : 1 Mg

maxus mild kretek cigarettes

$ 4,13

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Product Description

Maxus Mild by NTI Nojorono

Maxus Mild, New kids on the block.

Nojorono, in this case PT N.T. I (Nojorono Tobacco International), arguably barely had a portfolio of SKM LTLN for the middle class to medium-sized and very much found in Indonesia. In this case, Jazy Mild as products from PT Nikki Super Tobacco Indonesia (or abbreviated with N.S.T. I) considered less suitable for many consumers because it feels disappointing as well as the quality which is considered very low. Maxus was created to fill a gap which could not take a Mild Jazy, in this case the Maxus offers technology Maxitechno Filter in the form of a single filter with special design that is intended to create a sense of steady despite more mild in grade tobacco lower than Clas Mild. Blend used actual smoking is tantamount to Clas Mild, even I think this is the Clas Mild KW-II where the ingredients of tobacco used is the same, namely the base Tobacco Virginia tobacco blends and other import but with a lower grade than Clas Mild. This is due to the segment Value For Money, then the Maxus is expected to boost sales of the Nojorono so far only count on its key as the object of Clas Mild

Test Market

Test market of the Maxus Mild in fact already done in several cities in Indonesia in August 2016 and then, where in this case the Maxus thrown to the city with a population of middle class and evenly. Maxus, with cheap price and taste better than Mild Jazy make Maxus ought to be taken into account in this segment smoking SKM LTLN Value For Money which is currently dominated by a few only big manufacturer Group I and Group II which many manufacturers make smoking. At the very least, Nojorono trying to maximize on-site SKM LTLN they had to head off The cigarette manufacturer II whose products are very easy to be found because the tax basis is cheaper but the price is usually more expensive.
With two reasons that admin mentioned above, Maxus Mild could be taken into account in the segment Value For Money which generally offers the kind of taste that is more powerful but not sesmooth smoking SKM LTLN premium grade that is priced above 15,000. Maxus offers the typical smooth sensation Clas Mild however by the presence of efficiency in the selection of tobacco and clove make smoking a mild sensation offers premium but with cheaper prices than competitors who played on the number above, 14,000. Nojorono indeed few have portfolios smoking SKM, but once they make this type of cigarettes, generally more consumers can receive because the architect of a kind smoking SKM LTLN i.e. Muhammad Warsianto work in this company as a Senior Advisor.



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