Sampoerna A Motion Kretek Cigarettes

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Sampoerna A Motion

A New colorful & dynamic offer made from Sampoerna A’s signature high quality tobacco. A Modern choice for those who dare to unleash their inner colors


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Product Description

Sampoerna A Motion Kretek Cigarettes. Another masterpiece from Sampoerna. After successfull with the predecessor Sampoerna A Mild, Sampoerna release new series of their mild lineup.

Sampoerna A motion, is targeted middle end smokers market. retail pricing, is quite affordable, compared to Sampoerna Mild, and another sampoerna brand. But, we will talk about how its performs, flavors, and character about Sampoerna A Motion Kretek Cigarettes.


sampoerna-amotion-kretek-cigarettes-cellophaneI would say, this sampoerna A Motion packaging is awesome, and stunning. Cellophane wrapping is printed with A Motion logo, and embossed. I just thinking, this packaging must be worth more than it contains. I hope Im wrong!

The most different with another cigarettes, is the cutting band. Where it placed right in the middle of the packaging. So, if we open it, it will cut in half. Force us to remove all the cellophane wrapping, top and bottom side.

This opening system quite unusual. And give me extra works before I can enjoy my smoke. Oh crap! But, the other side. Its revolution! Like, opening a Lamborghini Galardo door, or place aeroplane door as your home front door.

Size, Body, Aroma, and Flavor


This cigarettes size is quite normal. But, if we compared to Sampoerna A Mild, it way more bold, and shorter. And its aroma, just like Sampoerna A Mild. I will say, this is the economic version of Sampoerna A Mild, which their Pricing are spiking year to year.

I found some stain from clove oils spilled on the cigs paper. But, this is normal for Clove Cigarettes.

I try to burn one, and first drag is very smooth. I would say, I like this cigarettes. Flavor, seems like Sampoerna A Mild, but it was cheaper. even it only few cents cheaper. but I will say, what I tought, that the packaging more worth than it s contain, are totally wrong.



I will recomenden this one, who love smoke Sampoerna A Mild, but want save more money, or get more packs with same ammount of money.



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