U Mild Cool Menthol Kretek Cigarettes

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U Mild Cool with Natural Menthol Arvensis

Perfect blend of oriental aromatic tobacco, and the best clove, with natural Menthol Arvensis, giving the best cool pleaseure and smooth every drag.

Manufacturer : Phillip Morris HM Sampoerna – Surabaya

Catagory : Mild Menthol Kretek Clove Cigarettes

TAR : 14 Mg

Nicotine : 1 Mg

Contain : 16 Cigarettes per pack

$ 4,03

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Product Description

Yet another Mild Kretek clove cigarettes listings from Sampoerna. U Mild Cool, is variant from budget kretek mild cigarettes series.

Mild Clove Cigarettes market in Indonesia still very sexy. Many brands and series fighting in same market. Their aim of customers are same, but the differencess is the classification. Umild Cool, aiming middle end smokers, or we call them budget smokers. Smokers who very sensitive about pricing. even, if we compare it to NTI Nojorono, Sasmpoerna still have more marketshare. even, their range of pricing are equals.

Let me say, Sampoerna A Mild, Sampoerna A Motion, and U Mild. They born from same Gen. Born in same niches. And they were killing each other. Where, Sampoerna A Mild is aiming mature personal, middle age men, living in city. Sampoerna A Motion, aiming younger age. 21 to 25. Dynamic, atractive, and chalenging. And, U Mild, aiming for mature middle age men, living in suburban.


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