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Clas Mild Kretek Cigarettes

CLAS Mild Kretek.  It’s actually quite a lot of supply in the region, especially Central Java Indonesia. However, its popularity is still inferior to the other manufacturer-made cigarettes, such as Gudang Garam‘s production, or Djarum.

CLAS Mild produced by PT N.T.I Nojorono Kudus, Indonesia. It is this company that produces famous brand name Minak Djinggo, puppet character in Javanese legend, and other famous brands, Clas Mild. While other brand name we may have never heard of before: Astrokoro, 234 and Kaki Tiga. This may be caused because the three of them produced by the Trio, the initial company name before being changed to Nojorono.

In contrast to other companies that are generally controlled by one family, the hereditary Nojorono controlled collectively by the five families at once. The beginning is Tjoa Kang Hay, who had worked for his brother, invited Nitisemito Tan Tjiep Tan Kong Ping and day to set up the Trio. After that find a new partner Kang Hay in Holy, namely Ko Djie Dhay Djing and Tan Siong, to establish Nojorono.

Founded in 1932, the biggest innovation this is smoking during Nojorono waterproof where he also has a patent for his findings. This product was made possible thanks to the use of paraffin in the production process. Because of the prominence of water proof his, cigarettes production Nojorono is very popular among sailors and fishermen, and also the most famous brand, Clas Mild.

PT Nojorono, famous with its product portfolio Minak Djinggo, responding to the rapid growth of the market is low low tar nicotine by introducing his own recipes in 2003. At that time, the market has been flooded with products kretek filters “Mild”, such as A Mild, Mild, Bentoel Star Mild, and the LA Lights, with the development of the gradually increasing. Beyond the alleged Management Nojorono, markets in a moment to absorb the product Clas Mild. In just two years, Clas Mild direct was ranked second in the category of “Mild” in mid-2005 (and rank seventh in total all types of smoking se-national), beyond the LA Lights and Star Mild [3]. This achievement brings Nojorono became one of five key players in the industry, following Indonesia cigarettes HM Sampoerna (Philip Morris), Gudang Garam, Djarum, Bentoel Group (British American Tobacco), and Wismilak Group


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