Cigarettes Discount | Bulk Pricing

Cigarettes Discount and Bulk Pricing

CigaretKretek offering Cigarettes Discount and bulk pricing for every products you can buy. No coupon code required to apply discounts or bulk pricing.

cigarettes discount

  • Bulk pricing discount up to 25% applied for each products
  • Coupon code not required, and cannot mixed with any coupon code
  • Bulk discount applied automaticaly after you reach minimum quantity
  • Bulk discount applied only for each line item.
  • Applied to all customers, all regions, and all payment system
Basic rules of Bulk Pricing and Cigarettes Discount
  • 5% Discounts, when purchasing minimal 10 packs minimum per item

5 percent discount cigarettes

  • 10% Discounts, when you purchasing 20 packs minimum per item

10 percent discount cigaettes

  • 25% Discounts, when you purchasing 30 packs minimum per item

25 percent discount cigarettes

  • Mixed items

mix content discount cigarettes

Buy more, pay less!

see some samples illustrattion bellow

djarum black cigarettes cheap discount djarum black cigarettes cheap cigarettes

$72 for 30 packs cigarettes + $39 shipping + $5 Handling

Total $116.00 Include shipping

Purchase for 30 Packs = $116 / 30 Packs = $3.86 /pack

If you think our service too good to be true? Its really true!

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